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For Kids Ages 8-10!

For Tweens & NEW Teens!

By Invitation Only

Rising Stars

Level III: Tweens & Teens




30 Weeks

Tweens Rising Stars

Tweens Rising Stars: Ages 12 - 13
Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

For Returning Students

or by Invitation Only

September 15th - June 1st
Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, May 25th
Showcase: Thursday, June 1st
*Attendance mandatory for
Dress Rehearsal & Showcase

with your first of 6 instalments

*plus HST and $25 administration fee


The RISING STARS program is for tweens who have studied with us for a minimum of 1-2 years and want to sink their teeth in at the highest level for their age group. It is also for teens who starting to think about considering professional acting.

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Students will learn:

- Challenging themselves to understand their character's motivation and context

- Analyzing text for emotional beats and intention

- Memorizing more difficult dialogue, and working with a variety of scenes, including comedy, drama, and monologues

- Being vulnerable and connecting with themselves and their classmates

- Having fun while doing the work!

How can payments be made?

Your course fee will be split into 6 equal instalments, and your deposit payment today is your first instalment. Your next instalment won't come out until October 1st.

Please select Save my card for future payments on the registration checkout to allow payments to be automatically debited. You will receive a receipt after each payment. 

All instalments will be billed on:

    - Today (Upon Registration)

    - October 1

    - December 1

    - February 1

    - April 1

    - June 1

Can I pay by cheque?

Great news!  Your deposit and instalments can be done with debit in the same way as credit. You can also pay at the checkout via online banking (EFT).  


To activate this option, take the following steps:


- Do not select Save my card for future payments when you register with your deposit.

- Instead of being automatically charged for instalments, you will receive invoices by email.  

On these invoices, click 'Pay this invoice only.' 

- You will see an option to pay the invoice via EFT. 

- You can opt in to automatic billing via debit or credit card at any time.


What about paper cheques?

If the credit, debit, or EFT options are not preferable to you, you may pay your class fees in two equal instalments of 50% of the class fees by cheque.

After you register with your deposit, please contact us to let us know.  Currently, there is no option to pay your deposit by cheque.