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 STEFANO DiMATTEO - Creative Director/ Acting Coach 


Originally from Toronto Ontario, began acting in Vancouver, where he studied his craft at the Lyric School for Acting while pursuing his career full time. Stefano’s first love is the stage but spends his time primarily working in Film & TV. Some of his credits include, lead + guest starring roles in ALPHAS, NIKITA, THE FIRM, FLASHPOINT, THE BOONDOCK SAINT II: ALL SAINTS DAY, THE CUTTING EDGE 3, THE LIZZIE McGUIRE MOVIE, LOST GIRL, STAR-GATE ATLANTIS and many more. He was also seen in the award winning T.V. mini-series, ACROSS THE RIVER TO MOTOR CITY, not to mention a co-starring role in George A. Romero’s most recent addition to the DEAD series SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD.

In 2008 Stefano directed/wrote and co-produced his first short film entitled: “Communication Breakdown”. A romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of dating in the 21st century, which had its world premiere at the Canadian Film Festival, followed by a screening at the prestigious Maui Film Festival and eventually winning him a Best Short Film award at the MIFF Film Festival.

Stefano has been working with actors as a private coach for the last seven years and is excited and eager to bring the wealth of his years of experience and knowledge to the actorsroom in Vaughan – with the hope of inspiring his students to find not only their own voice but also their own path. “Acting is not a destination, but a continuous process to discover more not only about ourselves but the world around us. It opens our eyes to doors previously closed to sight.”


Saving Hope

Venice Film Festival

Boondocks Saints 2

JESSE LEVY - Acting Coach (vocal specialist) 

Jesse is thrilled to join the Actor's Room team and is eager to help guide the next generation of actors into the world.  As a graduate of the Musical Theatre performance program at Carleton University, Jesse is no stranger to the stage. Notable credits include Martha in 'Spring Awakening,' Alysha in 'American Idiot,' and Bonnie in 'Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical.' In her spare time, Jesse enjoys fitness, photography, and spending time outside. She is constantly looking to challenge herself and her students,  believing there is no substitute for hardwork and perseverance. She continues to pursue the stage, with every breathe she has!



Mikayla was and always will be a theatre rat! She performed in many school and community

theatre shows growing up and she continues to immerse herself in the world of performance.

Mikayla has gone on to study Improv and Clown at The Second City in Toronto and has

performed with many improv troupes across the city. She has also developed her skill as a

teacher through her Yoga Teacher Training certification. This certification allows Mikayla to

teach her students mindfulness as well as play. Mikayla has a love for teaching and she is so

grateful to be able to join The Actor’s Room team.

CHRISTY DAVIS - Creative Assistant 

Christy Proofs-0253-Edited.jpg

Christy Davis is a wizard of organization and artistry all bundled up into one. Part strategist,  part  administrator and part performer. Her passions range from the performing arts, to working with children, to administration and communications, to fiction writing and editing, all the way to financial management.  


She is absolutely enthralled to be a part of The Actors Room, both as a student and as a team member. She is thrilled to be able to contribute her talent to its growth and to seeing young people get inspired and equipped to pursue their own dreams.

silvana headshot.jpg

 Silvana Marshall - Studio Photographer

Silvana Marshall, is happy to play her part in helping bring value and excellence to The Actors Room and its students - in Vaughan. Silvana, has been an active professional photographer for the last 15 years. She loves to play with the contrast, between the light and dark in her subjects, believing that we are both two parts (good & evil) of the same whole and being able to capture that symmetry and sublime difference, is what she longs to achieve in her approach to her art.  

*Silvana we be offering a special rate exclusive to The Actors Room and its clients, for Headshot photography. Book Now: Avail space - Friday of every month, starting Jan 2019 - for those looking to take the next step in their professional development as an actor, take advantage of this opportunity.  

Cost: $250 - 1 1/2 hr session - 2 to 3 looks, 2 edited photos - all images are yours to keep. 

To book a time, email us at:

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