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Refund & Payment Policy


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How Are Payments Made?
Payments Made
For our 8-month programs... Your full course fee is divided into 6 equal instalments. The first instalment you will pay as a deposit when you first register. The remaining 5 instalments are billed on the following days: 
First Instalment:
Upon Registration (Deposit)
October 1st
December 1st
January 15th
March 15th
May 15th
For short programs, workshops, and adult classes, fees are billed in one payment upon registration.
What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
Payment Methods
CREDIT CARDS: When you register, you will be asked to input your credit card information and select "Save my card for future payments". This allows us to bill the remaining instalments automatically on the dates specified above.
EFT, CASH, OR CHEQUE?  We typically recommend EFT is only used as a backup option in case there is an issue with your card. If you'd like to pay via cash or cheque, or you do not wish to register for automatic billing, we require the course fee to be paid in two instalments at 50%, half in September and half in January.
Do You Offer Refunds or Trial Classes?
Trial Classes
Many parents wonder if their child will like studying with us for the first time! After you're registered with us, we are happy to offer your child's first two classes with us as a trial. If your child decides it's not for them before the third class, we'll refund you any fees paid to date, less any non-refundable deposits.

If we currently have a semester in progress and
your child would like to sit in and audit a class: 

Due to the group-study nature of our classes, including partnered work,
difficulties arise when parents wish to withdraw their students in the middle of a semester. As such, we ask that once the semester is underway, you wait till after the showcase to withdraw.

As acting is an art that both relies on a great deal of teamwork and trust, we do our best to cultivate a safe and reliable environment. As such, we encourage students who are thinking about withdrawing to remain in class until their current semester's showcase is complete.

Withdrawal after the Final Dates for Withdrawal will result in a cancellation fee equal to the full outstanding balance of the semester in progress, if not already paid. Please note that a semester's fee is assessed as half the value of the full year course.

March 1st


October 15th

Final Date for Withdrawal


Below are our cancellation guidelines:
Do You Have a Referral Program?
Yes! If your friend mentions your name when they sign up with us, we will happily give you $100 off your next full year program.
Siblng Pricng
What If I'm Registering More than One Child?
Register More than One Student: Save approximately 15% off each additional registration!
We'll give you one instalment off the registration price for every additional student you register in the same year. They don't need to be registered in the same class!

You'll see this discount applied on your
Second Invoice (billed October 1st).
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