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Programs For Teens Ages 13-17!

Teens Apprentice


2-Hr Classes

30 Weeks


MONDAYS: 6:00 - 8:00 PM


6 instalments of $249 +HST

*Showcase attendance mandatory


Teens Rising Stars

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2.5-Hr Classes

30 Weeks


TUESDAYS: 6:00 - 8:30 PM
SEPTEMBER 17th - MAY 27th


6 instalments of $264 +HST

*Showcase attendance mandatory

TEENS Masterclass

advanced professional

2.5-Hr Classes

32 Weeks


WEDNESDAYS: 6:00 - 8:30 PM
SEPTEMBER 11th - MAY 28th


6 instalments of $292 +HST

*Showcase attendance mandatory

About the Programs

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The Apprentice program is for students 12 and older who are brand new to The Actors Room or those who have studied with us in the Recruits program and are ready to practice at the Intermediate level.

Students will have a ton of fun while refining their performing skills, and even get the chance to participate on our annual monologue competition!
Students will learn

  • Building self-confidence and trust with classmates through fun games and teamwork!

  • Strengthening improvisational skills and growing in their ability to listen and react on stage

  • Understanding dramatic context, character, and environment

  • Diving in to character development through vocal, physical, emotional, and theatrical exercises

  • Bringing out the joy of a scene, for both the performers and the audience to enjoy!

It's a lively learning environment for students to begin to shape their craft of acting!

Rising Stars

Rising Stars

**Please note that admission to the the Rising Stars Program is by invitation/audition only**

The Rising Stars program is for tweens and teens who have studied with us for a minimum of 1-2 years. It's a place to workshop and refine skills with peers who are equally as committed to the process.
This is a great place for tweens and teens who are starting to think about pursuing acting professionally.

Students will learn

  • Challenging themselves to understand their character's motivation and context

  • Analyzing text for emotional beats and intention

  • Memorizing more difficult dialogue, and working with a variety of scenes, including comedy, drama, and monologues

  • Being vulnerable and connecting with themselves and their classmates

  • Having fun while doing the work!

This is a great program for students to continue to build up their acting toolbox!





**Please note that admission to the the Masterclass Program is by invitation/audition only**

The TEENS MASTERCLASS program is designed for teens 14+ who have been studying with us in previous years or who have professional experience in the acting industry. It's for teens looking to hone their skills and challenge their blocks in preparation for a professional acting career.
Students will learn

  • Delving deep into character, creating backstory and connecting elements of one's own personal story

  • Understanding nuance and subtlety in performance and text

  • Facing fears and allowing oneself to be vulnerable before themselves, peers, or an audience

  • Giving space for others and participating in an encouraging, inspiring environment

  • Discussing the nature of professional acting and considering next steps

How Do Payments Work?

Your course fee will be split into 6 equal instalments, the payment you are making today is your first instalment. Your next instalment won't come out until October 1st.

Please select Save my card for future payments on the registration checkout to allow payments to be automatically debited. You will receive a receipt after each payment. 

All instalments will be billed on:

  1.     Upon Registration

  2.     October 1

  3.     December 1

  4.     January 15

  5.     March 15

  6.     May 15

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