For all *NEW students!*

For all *NEW* Students!

For all *NEW* Students!

For *RETURNING* Tweens & Teens!

For *RETURNING* Tweens & Teens!

By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only

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8-Week Workshops for Kids 8-10!



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Motivational Speaker.

As a student of Stefano DiMatteo, you will receive the highest quality coaching the industry can offer.

Stefano DiMatteo has been a professional working actor for 25 years and has had extreme success branching into producing, directing, and voice acting.

His vast professional and personal experience is an invaluable asset to his coaching style. He is a brilliant motivator with a keen intuition for unearthing his students' confidence, with a passion for seeing kids believe in their best selves.

An acting coach for close to a decade, Stefano has helped countless students find their confidence, enlarge their perspectives, and step into success in their acting careers.


Teens II

*Coached by Stefano DiMatteo!*
For Advanced Students
By Invitation or Audition Only

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3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
SEPTEMBER 12th - MAY 29th


First instalment to secure your spot

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
SEPTEMBER 13th - MAY 30th


First instalment to secure your spot

6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
SEPTEMBER 14th - MAY 31st


First instalment to secure your spot

*A one-time $25 administration fee will be billed along with the deposit.


The TEENS PRO program is designed for students ages 13-16+ who have studied with us before. This course reinforces all the techniques students have learned. This is a program that will continue to push them to explore the nature of character, choice, and connection in a deeper and more authentic way. They will continue to hone improvisational and on-camera skills, as well as learn to depend on their teammates.  Students must have studied with us for at least a full year prior to moving to our Teens Pro class and will be able to register upon invitation, or pending availability. Students who have studied outside The Actors Room must be willing to prepare an audition.

How will payments be made?

Your course fee will be split into 6 equal instalments.

Your first instalment will be taken upon registration as a non-refundable deposit.


Please select Save my card for future payments on the registration checkout to allow payments to be automatically debited. You will receive a receipt after each payment. 

The remaining instalments will be billed on:

    - October 1

    - December 1

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    - April 1

    - June 1

Can I pay by cheque?

Great news!  Your deposit and instalments can be done with debit in the same way as credit. You can also pay at the checkout via online banking (EFT).  


To activate this option, take the following steps:


- Do not select Save my card for future payments when you register with your deposit.

- Instead of being automatically charged for instalments, you will receive invoices by email.  

On these invoices, click 'Pay this invoice only.' 

- You will see an option to pay the invoice via EFT. 

- You can opt in to automatic billing via debit or credit card at any time.


What about paper cheques?

If the credit, debit, or EFT options are not preferable to you, you may pay your class fees in two equal instalments of 50% of the class fees by cheque.

Do not select Save my card for future payments when you register with your deposit and contact us to let us know.  Currently, there is no option to pay your deposit by cheque.