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How to Choose the Right Acting Coach

One of the most important things you can do for your acting career is to choose your acting coach well. Why? Because they have a big impact on how you learn new skills and how your career will go from here on out.

A lot of people who want to be actors make the same mistakes in choosing their Acting Training and Coaching Ontario. Maybe they have the lowest prices in town. Maybe they have the highest prices, and actors assume they have the best services. Maybe they’ve been referred to as “one of the insiders.”

Here are our strategies on choosing the best actin coach for you.

Good chemistry is vital

When you're trying to decide which acting coach Ontario is right for you, you should think about whether you like them and how they teach. Depending on where you live, there are many different acting coaches to choose from. Make sure you choose someone you can trust enough to be honest with.

They need to be experienced

Do some research on potential coaches before you decide on one. Find someone who’s experienced in the ‘biz, who’s been in front of the camera and behind it. If you’re interested in theatre, find someone who’s jazzed about theatre. If you want to work on camera, find a coach who’s lived it. You may have started by looking on the Internet for acting coaches near you, but you can also ask other aspiring actors or people you already know in the business.

Plan your audition or meeting well

Once you've chosen a few potential acting coaches, you need to set up a class, interview, or coaching session. More than that, you need to make sure you are ready not only with answers to their questions but also with questions you want to ask them. Maybe even have an audition piece prepared.

Embrace what they have to offer and give the class a go

You've prepared, so now it's time to see how they work. When you get there, have fun. Meet the teacher and get to know the other students. Ask questions and start working with the other students. You can learn a lot not only from how the teacher works with you, but also from how they treat everyone else in the class.

Don’t focus on price alone

When you and your acting coach click, you know you've found the right one. Don't just think about price—if anything, just consider how reasonably priced they are based on what they offer versus other coaches around. If you have a budget, stick to it and meet people who can afford the same things you can. But don't just pick an acting coach based on how much money you'll save. There are many more things to think about!

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