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Push past your blocks and level up your acting



Welcome to The Actors Room, where the actor comes to train. We have programs for youth and adults, as well as private coaching and self-taping. Looking for an agent? We can help you get a portfolio together and figure out how to navigate the industry and your place in it. This is now your gym. Let us help you train.


Find Your Voice. Train Your Instrument. Grow, Listen, Connect, and Perform.

The CLass

Ages 18+



A rigorous, intensive scene study experience where you will be challenged to push past your blocks, face fears, and grow as an actor. Workshop and refine your craft, finishing with a live performance.

Beginner Classes

6 Weeks

Sundays 1-4pm

Dates TBD

Advanced Classes

8 Weeks

Sundays 5-9pm

Dates TBD

Why Scene Study?

Scene study is an effective way for actors to practice all of the fundamentals that often get missed in an on-camera class. From listening, to connecting, to communicating honestly, to analyzing character and story, to exploring motivations, to workshopping creatively, you will be challenged to hone your craft with feedback and work tailored to what you need. Become the well-trained actor so the rest becomes easy.

Who's Working

Enrico Colantoni

See Enrico as Jimi on the comedy series The Trades! Enrico will also be in the upcoming film Humane. Congratulations Enrico!


Swag Store

Celebrate 10 years of The Actors Room with limited edition hoodies and tees!

What People are saying

"Thank you you for teaching me so much more than I would normally learn at school."

Amy Strimling

"What you taught me about commercials...about how to put yourself out there and be silly, really works! I booked two commercials in the past 6 weeks!"


Lydia Cain

"I have personally grown so much in the last few years and I know that a huge part of my growth has been my role as a student, a cast member and a family member at The Actors Room." 

Lucas DaSilva

"Thank you Stefano for supporting and growing the love I have for performing. I’m so blessed to have you as an acting coach, and I can’t wait to perform on Broadway!"

Ida Marie-Carriero

"No matter where I’m training in the city I’ve always come home to my Actors Room Family – my experience here has truly been one of a kind and one that I wouldn't trade for the world. The Actors Room rocks!"

Sam Campbell

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